Seward Avenue project leads to business woes

TOPEKA, Kan. (KSNT) – Construction is usually a good thing — seeing newer roads and better sidewalks for people in the neighborhood. The construction isn’t always good for local businesses along Seward Avenue.

The Seward Avenue construction has been going on for several months, and that construction is impacting one business more than others. Roads near the restaurant La Fiesta are blocked off. If you are looking out the window… Not a car goes by… leaving the area quiet. Unless it is a dump truck or an occasional customer

“It’s been hurting our business because instead of getting money from the business we are putting money in the business,” Mairia Jacobo, Co-owner of La Fiesta said.

“We don’t even have the money to pay the rent,” Jacobo said.

This road work and delays due to rain have caused La Fiesta to ring up half of the customers it usually sees putting one of the owners in a difficult spot.

“He has to get another job in order to survive,” Jacobo said of her co-owner.

But another business hasn’t been feeling those negative effects…

“It’s been good at times, and of course it is going to be slow at times, just like any type of business,” Cleatus Dinkle, the father of Pizza Parlor’s owner said.

“When the construction is finished, I look for our business to increase at least 4 to 5 times bigger than what it is now,” Dinkle said.

City officials say the area from Northeast Scotland Avenue all the way down here to Northeast Branner Trafficway on Seward Avenue will be open to the public again on October 28. And that means the road will be completely paved and entirely done so people can drive on it.

The completion of the second part of the Seward Avenue project is set for 2017.

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