New leadership at Fort Riley

(KSNT News file photo)

FORT RILEY, Kan. (KSNT) – There is a new commander at Fort Riley. He was officially put in charge Tuesday morning. A change of leadership just took place and not only that… Fort Riley leadership will also be being deployed.

The casing of the colors means a new leader will be commanding Fort Riley Soldiers.

“I’d like to welcome Joe and his wife Leeann and family back to Fort Riley,” Lt. Gen. Sean MacFarland said.

“It is a huge amount of emotions coming in this position, because if you had asked me in 1990 when I came to Fort Riley if I would have this opportunity,” Maj. Gen. Joseph Martin said. “I would’ve laughed.”

Major General Joseph Martin takes over at Fort Riley in his 31st year in the service. After the former commander, Major General Wayne Grigsby was fired from the position during an army investigation.

“It was unexpected but it is absolutely welcome not just for me,” Maj. Gen. Martin said. “But for the entire Martin family.

Not only did the ceremony hold a change of command. It also marked the 500 leaders from Fort Riley being deployed for their mission. That mission is to train Iraqi soldiers for the battle for Mosul.

“The battle for Mosul has begun and there is no better outfit than this to ensure our victorious result,” Lt. Gen. MacFarland said.

“It’s absolutely critical to stability in the region and it’s critical to the Iraqi people so we are committed to assisting them in that endeavor,” Maj. Gen. Martin said.

Soldiers at Fort Riley will be deploying later this month and also at the beginning of November. Fort Riley officials have not released any more information about the investigation on Major General Wayne Grigsby.

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