Dry and sunny conditions behind spotty rain

Tracking scattered showers

The rain jacket may not be a half bad idea this morning as you’re heading out and about, as we’re still tracking some spotty, light showers across the region. However, it’s still very hit-or-miss in nature, so some of us may not see any rain this morning. Once we get beyond this afternoon, it looks like we’ll all be dry once again.

Strengthening northerly winds are working their magic and pushing those showers to the south. Not only will those breezy winds kick out our rain chances, but also the cloud cover. We’ll continue to gradually clear out throughout the course of the day today, with mostly sunny skies by early this evening.

However, northerly winds sustained at 10 to 15 mph (with gusts up to 20 mph at times) will play a factor in another aspect of our weather today: the temperature. Cooler air from the north will filter in, preventing our temperatures from warming all too much. In fact, we’ll be running roughly 5 to 10 degrees cooler than yesterday’s highs. Temperatures will max out near 60° for today, with some pockets of lower 60s mixed in there, as well.

This trend of dry and sunny weather will return tomorrow, and extend through the weekend. Winds will shift back out of the south, warming us back into the mid 70s by the weekend.

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