MGP Plant chemical cloud concerned residents

Photo Courtesy: Marie Mullins

ATCHISON, Kan. (KSNT) – A mixture of two chemicals at the MGP Plant in Atchison caused a cloud of smoke or what looked to be smoke to hang over the whole entire town Friday morning. Now, the chemical cloud impacted more than just workers at the plant. It also impacted residents nearby.

spill“It was all clear like it is now then all of a sudden like it is now,” Sean Kelley Sr., an Atchison resident said. “It was like a big vapor just came out of nowhere.”

The cloud covered parts of Atchison forcing thousands to leave.

“Kind of a stench to it, a real bad stench,” Kelley said. “It had a smell to it.”

It even made people sick.

“I basically had to leave,” Kelley said. “When I went out the front door that’s when I knew how bad it was cause I had to put a towel around my whole face so I wouldn’t breathe it in. It was burning my eyes and took my breathe”

The cloud of chemicals was also concerning for families with children like Brittany Mcbride…

“It was concerning to keep him inside then I had phone calls seeing if we were around just making sure we were out of it,” Brittany Mcbride said.

The city manager says there will not be any impact on the environment.

“Sun dissipates chlorine so we have had ample sunshine today so we are not anticipating any further problems with this,” Trey Cocking, Atchison City Manager said.

“They are doing clean-up work right now on site transferring whatever was left in that tank out environmental officials and our fire department continue to monitor that process and that process is ongoing,” Cocking said.

After today’s incident in Atchison, the city manager says things should be returning back to normal. The Atchison High School football game against Basehor-Linwood went on as planned. The home team lost 42-12.

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