Millennials fall for internet schemes more than seniors

HARRISBURG, Pa. (WHTM) –  Despite an affinity for technology, a new study finds millennials and Gen-Xers are far more likely to be duped by internet scams than their grandparents.

The new report from Microsoft found the impact of tech support scams is much higher with people under age 34 than with older respondents. In fact, only 3-percent of seniors who responded lost money in an internet scam, compared to 13-percent of people age 18-24 and 18-percent of people age 25-34.

The scams included four types of interaction, including unsolicited phone calls, unsolicited emails, pop-ups and redirected links. Millennials said they were most easily targeted by pop-up or online ads. The group least likely to be scammed by any of those methods were in the 55+ range.

The impact of Tech Scams is much higher in India, the US, and China than in other markets, according to the study.

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