Problems in pumpkin patch paradise

TOPEKA, Kan. (KSNT) – A Topeka pumpkin patch ran into some trouble with its credit card scanner. And it’s more like a Halloween trick than a treat for some customers.

Many people go to Meier’s pumpkin paradise… they have hundreds of pumpkins and unfortunately had one problem last year. It was an issue with the credit card machine not charging some customers.

“A phone line went bad last year and those credit cards that were there could not batch out,” Kasie Munoz, a manager at Meier’s Pumpkin Paradise said.

Now they are charging those customers for their purchase from last year.

“I know it’s also effecting us cause then we are getting back charged from those who are going to fight it and I understand or have closed their accounts and are no longer in use,” Munoz said.

Other people are not so sympathetic with the pumpkin patch charging people a year later.

“I don’t believe that was their error,” Sarah McBurney. “They did not close out the batch they shouldn’t be able to charge people a year later for going to the pumpkin patch.

“People in this day and age work live paycheck to paycheck and those people weren’t thinking that that money would’ve came out of their bank account,” McBurney said. “They could’ve spent 50 dollars there and that’s tough.”

But the pumpkin patch wants to make sure they take a swipe in the right direction…

“For one thing I’m batching or processing the cards every day now i come back to work so that i can make sure it doesn’t happen again,” Munoz said.


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