Could a cyber attack impact election results?

WARREN, Ohio (WKBN) – After last week’s cyber attack that crippled websites like Twitter, Netflix and Spotify, many are concerned a hack could interfere with the election.

“I’m concerned whether the internet will be hacked, that we will be hacked,” Pat Love said.

She fears that a cyber hack could impact the results of the upcoming general election.

“With Wikileaks and the Russians, and there’s so much going on, much going on as far as the internet goes.”

With only two weeks until Election Day, officials are trying to calm those worries.

“Everybody should feel confident that none of the voting equipment or any of the equipment used to tabulate votes is connected to the internet in any way. None of the voting machines are even networked to each other,” said Trumbull County Board of Elections Director Stephanie Penrose.

She says representatives with the Secretary of State’s Office made the rounds last week, visiting all of Ohio’s 88 counties. They checked to see that the servers responsible for counting the votes aren’t connected to the internet.

“I think with all the rumors and distrust floating around, it was a really good idea to verify that,” Love said.

Penrose says in her 14 years working with the board of elections, this is the first time she’s seen a check like that. She thinks that knowing the tabulation machines aren’t connected to the internet will help calm voters down.

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