Rash of car break-ins take over West Manhattan

(Picture courtesy: RCPD)


MANHATTAN, Kan. (KSNT) – You might think your neighborhood is safe from crime until you have something you own broken into. In just three days the Riley County Police Department has reported 35 car break-ins in West Manhattan.

Car break-ins start with simple actions like leaving your windows down or even leaving your door unlocked. Doing this makes the perfect opportunity for someone to take your cell phone, wallet or any other valuables in your car.

Although Manhattan is no stranger to these crimes, Matthew Droge, Public Information Officer with the Riley County Police Department, said he’s never had this many reports in just three days.

“If you lock your doors on your cars, secure your vehicle, remove the valuables from the inside of the vehicle, you’re going to reduce your risk of becoming a victim,” Droge said.

Droge said the recent break-ins are happening on Chimney Rock Road and the Highland Ridge area. After driving around the area for ten minutes KSNT News saw three cars with their windows down. But, this doesn’t mean these are the only areas crime is happening.

“A lot of times you’re going to find vehicle burglaries that occur in Riley County to be on city streets, at apartment complexes and parking lots because that’s where you’re going to find a lot of cars together,” Droge said.

As a result of the spike in crime in The Little Apple, the police department is taking more steps to stop it.

“You might see officers on foot on the west side in hopes to find those who are responsible for the vehicle burglaries and hold them accountable,” Droge said.

Droge says anyone with information on the recent car break-ins are urged to call the Riley County Police Department. Or, if you wish to be anonymous you can call Manhattan Riley County Crime Stoppers at (785) 539-7777.

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