Topeka woman searching for missing therapy dog

TOPEKA, Kan. (WDAF) – A Topeka woman has been driving an hour and a half each day to Kansas City, all in hopes of finding a special trained dog.

The animal was last seen Saturday near 93rd and Bales. Erika Calderon says she was visiting a friend when she brought her dog “Meaty” along.

That’s when the 3-year old pit bull disappeared. Meaty had been Erika`s therapy dog following the devastating loss of a loved one.

Now that Erika works with kids on the autism spectrum, she put Meaty in special training to be a therapy dog to them.

She can’t imagine what life would be like without her special friend.

“It’s scary to think that she’s just out there by herself especially because since I got her almost 3-years ago I have not spent one night without her and so these last four nights have been really hard.”

Someone living at the Canyon Creek Apartments tells Erika her dog was given to a white male named Mike, who was last seen driving a Dodge truck with Missouri plates.

Meaty has been microchipped.  If you’ve seen her, call (239) 823-6302.

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