Return of therapy dog brings emotional reunion

image1TOPEKA, Kan. (KSNT) – A dog is man’s best friend… and for some people, your furry pal can be even more than that. It can be a form of therapy. And that dog is back in her owner’s arms again Saturday evening. One week ago Erika Calderon’s therapy dog, Meaty, went missing… and it has been an emotional week for both Meaty and Calderon.

Meaty is 3 year old pit-bull therapy dog, who went missing in Kansas City, Missouri last weekend. After she disappeared her owner, Erika Calderon was missing a part of her life.

“She’s gotten me through so much,” Erika Calderon, Meaty’s owner said.

Including the loss of a family member.

“People that were close to me said that I was like a different person,” Calderon said.

So Calderon went searching in Missouri.

“I probably knocked on three doors when I got a call from an unknown number,” Calderon said. “He said he thought he bought my dog.”

meaty-therapy-dogAnd the man also said he wanted to keep the dog and breed her to make money.

“He didn’t threaten her life, but it was possible,” Calderon said. “I didn’t even want to think about that.”

“He asked for $1,500 and he said that’s how much I paid for her and I want my money back if you are going to have her,” Calderon said.

That’s when she had to find the money to get her loved one back.

“I called family and friends that I knew and eventually by the time I got to the bank teller window I had enough money in my account,” Calderon said.

After paying the man… Meaty is back in her owner’s arms once again.

“It was the happiest day ever, yesterday was amazing, and every day after that I have this whole new appreciation for meaty as if I didn’t love her enough.”

“To lose someone that has literally been with you most of the day for three years almost it was crazy,” Calderon said. “I don’t ever want to go through that again.”

Now, she’ll be able to say… “Come here Meaty,” once again.

Calderon says she wants to thank Harvey’s Lost Hounds for helping her find her dog. She says people from the group helped search for her furry friend when she couldn’t. They are also raising money to help Calderon with paying her bills after she spent it getting Meaty back.

Meaty is training to work with autistic kids. Calderon says she filed a police report with Kansas City Police about the incident and they are investigating it.




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