Man accused of sexually abusing vets receives retirement pension

This undated photo provided by the Brown County Sheriff's Office in Hiawatha, Kan., shows Mark Wisner. Lawsuits filed in recent weeks accuse Wisner, a former physician assistant, of committing sexual battery and other crimes against patients at the Leavenworth VA Medical Center. He also faces criminal charges of aggravated criminal sodomy, solicitation and sexual battery in Leavenworth County. (Brown County Sheriff's Office via AP)

LEAVENWORTH, Kan. (KSHB) – He’s accused of sexually abusing veterans at the VA.  And the former physician’s assistant may be living off of your dime.

The VA wasn’t completely truthful about Mark Wisner’s status.

For more than a year — the VA said Wisner resigned from his position here at the Leavenworth VA Hospital.

But Friday… Documents KSHB obtained show Mark Wisner did in fact voluntarily retire — with benefits.

This 25-year-old Purple Heart recipient is outraged.

“That is what is so infuriating about all this. Is like, dude, to come back and make it through all that… and to come back and have to deal with this,” Jake Carlson, a veteran said.

He’s one of dozens of veterans — who say they were sexually abused by Former Physician Assistant Mark Wisner.

And are now learning… The man was allowed to voluntarily retire while under investigation.

“I’m angry right now. I am, very angry…”

“If it would have been any one of us through the military or VA, now you get booted for simple things you know and we don’t get a retirement and here he is going to be collecting thousands of dollars, taxpayer dollars, our dollars, and he’s getting this money for sitting in jail and the rest of us are suffering for what he’s done,” a veteran said.

Last month — Senator Jerry Moran questioned VA Secretary Robert McDonald on the handling of Mark Wisner’s case.

Secretary McDonald maintained Wisner resigned.

“Are you telling me he beat you to the punch?” Sen. Jerry Moran said.

“When someone resigns they are no longer an employee – that’s true in the private sector or public sector,” Robert McDonald said.

But that was not the case.

An internal e-mail from the VA shows Wisner filed for retirement while under investigation for inappropriately touching a patient — which he admitted.

Still — the VA approved his request — and he was granted retirement on June 30, 2014.

Which means taxpayers are funding his paychecks and pension.

“I can’t just drive up to Washington and start clunking heads together, because I know that’s what everyone wants to do. But wake up. Somebody please wake up,” Jake Carlson, a veteran said.

“It pains me to see he is getting away with a lot of stuff and it is getting buried underneath the rug,” another veteran said.

In previous statements from the Leavenworth VA — officials only said “Wisner left.” Friday, they confirmed he did in fact voluntarily retire. He’s expected back in court the week of October 31st.

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