Justices speak out amid political firestorm

Kansas Supreme Court (KSN photo)

TOPEKA, Kan. (KSNT) – Justices in the center of a political firestorm are speaking out about the efforts to get rid of them. On this year’s ballot, five of the seven justices on the Kansas Supreme Court are up for retention. However, 4 of them are under attack from various conservative groups.

There are several political ads attacking 4 Kansas Supreme Court Justices. Thursday, two of the four justices are reacting to the attacks made against them.

“People have the right to speak,” Kansas Supreme Court Justice Dan Biles said. “That’s not supposed to be something I factor in when I am doing my job.”

Some of the attacks focus on the overturning six death sentences.

“It’s our job, it’s our duty to reverse if we feel there was not a fair and impartial trial,” Marla Luckert, a Kansas Supreme Court Justice said.

“You are always going to have that kind of discourse on high profile decisions,” Biles said.

One of those high profile death sentences includes the Carr brothers’ cases. The Carr brothers’ cases are headed back to the Kansas Supreme Court after the US Supreme Court reinstated the death penalty.

“The ones I have seen the ones I have heard about relate to cases that are presently pending in front of our court and so it really isn’t an area that we can touch on,” Biles said.

Justice Dan Biles says these ads are all politics trying to change the court.

“You can’t use the democratic process to try and control how a case comes out,” Biles said.

Kansas Supreme Court Justice Marla Luckert says voters should be informed about the court and how it works rather than reacting to ads.

You will be able to vote whether the justices should be retained next Tuesday.

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