Kansas Judicial Center still under repairs after almost 2 months after floods

(KSNT News Photo taken back in September 2016 of flooding at the Kansas Judicial Center)


TOPEKA, Kan. (KSNT) – It’s been nearly two months since the Kansas Judicial Center was hit with heavy rain leading to a flooded mess. Yet the construction project hasn’t gotten anywhere.

“You know those big waterfalls in hotels where they’re coming down the side,” Kansas Supreme Court Justice, Dan Biles said. “We have a stairwell where that was happening from the top of the building to all the way down at the bottom.”

Justice Dan Biles is just one of the many justices and judges frustrated with not having his office to work out of because of this. We found out through one of our viewers that repairs to this building still has not happened. KSNT News then contacted John Milburn at the Kansas Department of Administration. He works with contractors for the Kansas Judicial Center and told me the delays are expected.

“Now, we’re waiting for the negotiations…the discussions with the insurance company and the contractor and to begin the process,” Milburn said. “This is a normal process that we go with whenever we work with anyone.”

However, Milburn tells me the roof was finally completed, but major work still needs to be done on the inside — work like replacing carpets and walls.

“The contractor is also working to remove water that’s trapped between the existing roof and the membranes to get all the water out of the building,” Milburn said. “We’re still seeing a few leaks from water that’s trapped inside that’s still coming in.”

Milburn says everything should be worked out before Thanksgiving of 2016. But, justices and judges say it’s a huge inconvenience.

“We’re just scattered around. So it’s terribly inefficient.”

Milburn says there’s no official date on when the inside of the Kansas Judicial Center will be finished. However, Justice Dan Biles thinks he won’t see his office again until well after January first.

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