Speeding to a change?

POTTAWATOMIE COUNTY, Kan. (KSNT) – Pottawatomie County could be replacing speed limit signs to a lower speed limit. County commissioners are in the process of making the decision as a way to keep everyone who lives there safer.

Roads that will be impacted by the possible speed limit reductions in Pottawatomie County include: residential areas down to 20 mph and dirt roads in the rural part of the county would go down to 30 mph.

Pottawatomie County Commissioner Dee McKee says the reason for the change is because some of the speeds are just too fast, especially in residential areas.

“In some places up to 30 miles per hour faster than what is necessary for people living in housing districts where the houses 150 feet apart,” Commissioner Dee McKee said.

These higher speeds have caused safety concerns for the county.

“I get a lot of emails and phone calls about speeds like why can’t we slow these cars down,” McKee said. “When we don’t have any rules the sheriff can do nothing,”

However, adding the new speed limit signs would mean replacing current ones, or adding signs that don’t already have any. The county has estimated it will be around 330 new speed limit signs. The cost for all those signs would drive the price to around $85,000. McKee says these signs are well worth the price.

“One child not being killed is well worth it,” McKee said.

McKee also says the county will make the money back in savings.

“We will save enough on road maintenance because of that and safety factor of not having accidents that saving will be across the entire county,” McKee said.

The county commissioners will be deciding on whether or not to approve the speed limit changes within the next few weeks.

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