Pleasant weekend ahead

The pleasant weather we’ve experienced the past few days across northeast Kansas will continue to spill over into the remainder of the weekend, as well. Partly cloudy skies will linger throughout the night, as we drop down in the mid to upper 40s across the area.

Tomorrow will have a similar set up with partly cloudy skies to start off the morning, before the cloud cover starts to disintegrate throughout the day. However, it looks like mostly sunny skies will start to take control earlier in the day tomorrow than what we saw today.

Not only will our sky conditions be nice, but so will our temperatures! It’ll be another day with highs maxing out in the low 70s for the vast majority of northeast Kansas. Sunday will be slightly cooler with most of us topping out in the upper 60s, with a more limited number of lower 70s. However, it’s not a drastic dip in temperatures, so you won’t notice a huge difference as you’re heading out and about today and tomorrow.

Overall, it’ll be a quiet weekend as a whole, and a great weekend to get out and enjoy the nice weather! Especially considering we start tracking our next round of rain to inch into northeast Kansas on Monday.

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