Emporia honors veterans with a parade, tribute

EMPORIA, Kan. (KSNT) — As the founding city of Veterans Day, thousands of people have flooded the streets of Emporia — honoring those who have served in the military for our country.

Veterans Day started back in 1953 in Emporia before it was even an official holiday. Shortly after that, in 1954, President Dwight Eisenhower, signed a bill creating Veterans Day nationwide. After the parade, KSNT News found veteran, Dwight Bush who was in the parade. Bush found his banner along with dozens of other veterans on street lamps in downtown Emporia.

“We’re very proud that we are part of that,” Bush said. “I grew up in Emporia and went to school in Emporia.”

A few blocks down the street after the parade was the Veterans Tribute at emporia’s memorial park. Not only was this to give thanks to veterans, this was also an announcement to add four more tablets to the 6 they already have. These plaques honor the veterans who have fought in combat.

“I have two sons that are living in Michigan,” Korean War Veteran, Gabriel C. Buckbee said. “And someday they’ll back down here and see my name on here. And that’s what it’s for.”

About an hour after the tribute was the Veterans Day Banner Walk event. People were able to walk around Emporia to meet the families of vets and know veteran’s history.

“It’s very exciting for me,” Emporian, Terri Bostic said. “I’ve been wanting it for quite some time. And I just really love that I can honor my day this way.”

Non-profit agency, Emporia Main Street, plans to keep the Veterans Day celebration for many years and add new ways to honor veterans.

Click here to see how you can get your banner up or a plaque made.


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