KU Muslim students claim they were threatened

LAWRENCE, Kan. (KSNT) – University of Kansas leaders are concerned about the leadership changes in our nation. This comes after KU Muslim students claim they were threatened on social media.

The Islamic Center of Lawrence is right down the road from the University of Kansas. KU International Student Services say they have received multiple threats against Muslim students.

“I was surprised,” Mohammed Shehada said.

According to a KU spokesperson these alleged threats were posted on social media.

“It should always be concerning to all of us,” Brett Cooper, the former KU President of the Muslim Student Association, said. “These are human beings that are being attacked, that are being threatened. And it is something we really need to standup against.”

“I think these are bullies, these people who are making these threats,” Cooper said.

A university spokesperson says there’s no evidence the social media messages pose a real threat. However… KU is taking action as a precaution. By having volunteers walk students who feel threatened to class. So far no one has signed up to use the service — but there are ninety two volunteers ready to walk Muslim students to and from class.

“I know some people that are considering it,” Cooper said.

“That’s like labeling me, they know that I’m being afraid so I’m brave enough to walk like I didn’t do anything, I’m not going to get an escort,” Shehada said.

One KU student says this is the first time he has heard of threats being made to Muslim students — none have been to him.

“I don’t know if this happens in public or not,” Shehada said. “I didn’t see anything in public.”

While the International Student Services said they have received multiple threats against Muslim students none of them have been reported to the police.

K-State told us they have had a few students call them with concerns. However, it amounted to the school needing to take no action. If students have problems or issues, K-State is asking you to reach out to the office of student life.

Washburn University says they are chasing down rumors, but that’s all they have encountered. A Washburn spokesperson says they have been keeping a close eye to see if they have any issues.

Emporia State University says they have not had any issues connected to the election.

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