Car crash leads to gas leak forcing evacuations

TOPEKA, Kan. (KSNT) – A central Topeka neighborhood is stunned after a car crash caused a gas leak. We found out what one person had to go through after it happened Friday night.

“I opened the front door and it sounded like jet airplane taking off and it was a car that had hit this gas meter up there,” Warren Deal, who lives near 17th and Burnett Road crash said.

A gas meter was hit by a car — which caused a gas leak from a broken gas line.

“It was kind of a scary experience,” Deal said.

“It smelled like natural gas — like if you turned on a gas stove and were standing over the top of it,” Deal said.

Right after, the car hit a house near the gas meter.

“You could smell the gas real strong and the noise was just outrageous,” Deal said. “Imagine being at Niagara Falls right below it. That’s what it sounded like.”

Police say two men ran from the car after the crash.

“I saw somebody run across the front yard,” Deal said. “I couldn’t get no description, I was looking through the window and it just happened so fast.”

Warren Deal, his wife and two dogs had to be evacuated because of the gas leak.

“If they couldn’t get the gas turned off within a reasonable length of time then they’d ask for us to evacuate.” Deal said. “Then they came back by they said we should evacuate for a while.”

Warren Deal says he had to leave his home until 2:30AM because of the gas leak.

“I was thinking about evacuating before they asked me to be honest with you because you could smell the gas,” Deal said.

Deal told KSNT News he could hear the noise from the gas leak at least three blocks away from his home.

As of Saturday evening, police have not found the driver and the passenger of the car.

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