First female Pentecostal Bishop honored

TOPEKA, Kan. (KSNT) – The first female Pentecostal Bishop is being honored for her service to her church and community. This is after the unveiling of a new street sign for Bishop Doctor Aletha Cushinberry. The new sign means quite a bit to the church and the people who knew her.

Bishop Dr. Aletha Cushinberry was the pastor of the Apostolic Church of Jesus Christ for 49 years.

“I always had to put on my roller skates to keep up with her cause she was a very busy lady,” Dale Cushinberry, Aletha Cushinberry’s sister-in-law said.

And now, Cushinberry will have a street sign in honor of her.

“She is just an awesome woman,” D. Cushinberry said. “We thought this was the best way to honor her in that way,”

While it won’t be replacing the current signs, it will replace the missing void in their church.

“Very different, because we are used to seeing her where ever we go and whatever we do she was always there. She has always been a supporter of what we have done,” D. Cushinberry said. “Even if she walked in and stepped in and go out again she has always been there for us.”

The sign has a significant meaning behind it for people who go to the church.

“Cause this is the church that she felt that needed to be on this block because we need to save souls,” D. Cushinberry said.

Her family says honoring her would have been more than she could have imagined.

“She would cry because she would think that maybe she wasn’t deserving of it but we think that she is deserving of everything that we do for her,” D. Cushinberry said.

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