Students from Topeka High come together for unity walk


TOPEKA, Kan. (KSNT) – Hundreds of students raised their voices and marched their way from Topeka High School’s doors all the way to the Statehouse — hoping that this unity walk will bring peace inside the classrooms and hallways — regardless of any political differences they have.

“A lot had been happening ever since the election,” Unity Walk Creator, Kristana Campos said. “Like, kids saying rude things to students, like, you’re going to get deported, you’re going back to Mexico. It’s not just towards us, it’s towards everybody else as well.”

Kristana Campos and her brother, Angelo Campos, started the unity walk. They tell me they reached out to Topeka Public Schools District’s Superintendent to initiate the walk last week.

“We just really wanted to be the voice for people who were scared to come out about it and stuff like that. So that was our main goal, was to be able to do this for other people.”

“Build the wall,” One Topeka High student yelled. “Vote Trump 2020! Build the wall for the Germans! Hail Hitler! Hail Hitler!”

The student in the crowd even yelled out that the students didn’t know what unity was.

KSNT News spoke with Topeka High’s Principal, Rebecca Morrisey about the comments made during the walk and what is being done about the negative comments towards other students since November 2016’s election night.

“I have made several school wide announcements that those kind of statements aren’t acceptable. I will continue to do that, as we always do. If we knew exactly who did anything, we always address bullying and we always address those kinds of issues.”

Principal Morrisey said it wasn’t just Trump supporters who have made negative comments to other students. Both political sides have said things to the other. Morrisey says she hopes students can put the election behind them and let the walk unite the student body.

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