Family loses more than just possessions in arson

TOPEKA, Kan. (KSNT) – A Topeka family is looking for help after a fire destroyed almost everything they owned.

“The police called my husband at like 2 or 3 o’clock in the morning and asked him would he come get the dog that there had been a fire at our daughter’s house,” Theresa Carter, Tanesha Carter’s mother said.

That was the call that changed everything for Theresa Carter.

And her two grand kids who lost their clothes, toys, and much, much, more.

“I lost my favorite thing of my mom’s – her teddy bear,” Katrina Caddell, Tanesha Carter’s daughter said.

“She cannot sleep anywhere without that,” Eddie Caddell, Tanesha Carter’s son said.

“Some of my games and some of my controllers got destroyed and my dressers clothes a lot of my clothes.

“It’s all gone — all gone,” Theresa Carter said.

Investigators say Tanesha Carter- Theresa’s daughter – intentionally set this fire in her own home.

tanesha-gail-carter“It was just shock we didn’t know until later on that day, cause she, my daughter called from jail,”

She is currently being charged with aggravated arson.

“It’s just a hard time and it’s Christmas time, Thanksgiving – it’s rough,”

Family says Tanesha had a mental illness and was not taking her medication.

“Hopefully she gets better and by the time she is out, I hope she is better,” Eddie Caddell said.

“We are gonna be there for our grandkids we have to be,” Theresa Carter said.



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