Hundreds of Topekans enjoy Thanksgiving meal


TOPEKA, Kan. (KSNT) — Hundreds of Topekans were able to get a free meal on Thanksgiving — all put on by volunteers in the community.

“I was not here for two minutes before my dinner was handed to myself and my son,” Topekan, Carol Hunt said. “And I’m thankful for that.”

Hunt and her son have been coming here for the past 3 years. She says since she started coming back in 2013, she’s met a lot of people in the Capital City.

“I say I’m thankful I’m treated like royalty.”

Since some people couldn’t make it to the dinner, volunteer servers filled to-go boxes for volunteers to deliver to neighbors’ homes. It was Topekans, Bailey and Creighton Farness’ first time delivering food for Topeka’s Thanksgiving dinner.

“We just got married in May, so we just wanted to have a new tradition to do,” Bailey Farness said. “The nation seems a little divided right now. So we really wanted to do our part.”

Servers gave the Farness couple 22 meals to deliver to 15 homes. Of course, they weren’t the only two helping out. About 250 volunteers helped put this all together.

“A lot of people can’t afford to go to a fancy restaurant. A lot of people can’t cook at their own home. So this is a great place to get together in fellowship with the community.”

After the dinner, volunteers cleaned up the area so it would be available the first weekend in December for Topeka’s Festival of Trees.

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