Big changes as the calendar changes

We’re tracking another nice late November day complete with sunshine and mild temperatures. Yesterday, highs found themselves in the lower 60s – today middle 50s will do it. The cooling trend has started, but the coldest air of the season will wait another day. Temps will crash into the 20s and 30s by tomorrow morning. Don’t expect highs any warmer than about 45° on Wednesday either. Breezy northwest winds and increased cloud cover will keeps temps ‘below average’ for the first time in a while. Tomorrow’s cool-down isn’t just a one-time deal – we’re tracking daytime temps in the 30s and 40s each and every day through Sunday.

Northeast Kansas hasn’t been this consistently cool since April. And despite the additional cloud cover on Wednesday, we find ourselves in the middle of yet another prolonged stretch of tranquil weather. In fact, Saturday night and Sunday morning are the only times where we might receive any precipitation at all. A winter-lover’s optimism will be needed late on Saturday – the precip chances look meager at best right now…but things could change between now and then. At this point, a chilly rain could mix with some wet snowflakes (yes, you read that correctly) Saturday night. Recent computer models have been flip-flopping on if the band of rain/snow will miss our neck of the woods or not. The overall trend if for a swath of moisture to pass through SE Kansas – missing us by a couple hundred miles. However, there is still some ‘wiggle room’ as we’re talking about a potential weather-maker that’s still 4-5 days away. Stay tuned.

Temps will slowly rebound early next week. Highs will bounce into the 50s next Monday, before another storm system takes aim on the Plains by the middle of next week. There are glimpses of hope, if you like winter and it’s mixed bag of tricks. Then again – we still find ourselves in week-long stretches of rather mild and dry weather. We’ll take the forecast day-by-day as the winter months loom. Speaking of – winter is just 3 weeks away. Where has 2016 gone?

You’re already in the right place for the latest weather information across Northeast Kansas. Be sure to check back for regular forecast updates, as the colder weather moves in. You can also download our KSNT Storm Track Weather App for free right here. It’s also available (for free) on your local mobile marketplace – Android, iPhone, etc. It’s the very best way to get an up-to-the-minute forecast on-the-go! No matter where you are, we’re always watching and always tracking!

Have a great day!

– KSNT Storm Track Meteorologist Kyle Borchert

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