Cold blast of winter next week

With November wrapping up and December quickly approaching, you know it’s only a matter of time that cold air surges our way. We’ve talked about how cold it has been in Siberia and it looks like next week the cold air may be sent our way “From Russia, With Love” (insert movie reference here!)

moveable-temps2 moveable-temps

Temperatures have been getting very cold now in Alaska and remains in the -30° to -40° range in Siberia. This air will start to move and drop south through North America by the middle of next week.

moveable-temps3 moveable-temps4

The timing of the cold air arriving is looking like December 7-8. If all stays on track, temperatures in the 10s at times with strong winds could give parts of the area sub-zero wind chills. The bigger question is really centered around the potential for wintry weather on the leading edge of the cold air.

what-we-know futuretrack-snowfall-euro-model-1

The exact track of the storm system (if it forms as expected) will ultimately determine whether or not Northeast Kansas ends up on the path of any snow with the storm. It certainly bears watching, but the track does remain uncertain as of the time of this post. We’ll keep you updated as the system gets closer.

-Storm Track Chief Meteorologist Matt Miller

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