Teacher assistant leaves child’s eye bruised

TOPEKA, Kan. (KSNT) — A Topeka woman is furious and claimes a teacher’s assistant hit her child’s face with a door. The incident sent the boy to the hospital.

“Now look at my son,” Mother, Cortasha Morgan said. “Now look at him now. I mean come on now…enough is enough.”

Anthony Ingram-Hall is home now – taking care of injuries he got at school. Ingram-Hall left class Monday, November 28, 2016 and was playing with the classroom door handle when his mom says the teacher assistant got upset.

“The para is tugging on the door as Anthony is opening and shutting the door,” Morgan said. “And he did it so forcefully…it banged my son in his face.”

The school district says it was a reaction – after the worker’s finger was shut in the door. Communications Director, Misty Kruger said the injuries to the boy were an accident.

“It has actually already been investigated by the school itself, as well as the district police department,” Kruger said. “Both of those investigations are now closed.”

The district says the investigations are closed because police weren’t able to find evidence anything was done intentionally. But, the mother’s not buying it and said she plans to sue the school.

“There’s no telling what type of long extensive damage my son might have,” Morgan said. “They took x-rays…they took a vision test…”

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