KSHSAA adopts pitch count rule for 2017 baseball season

Courtesy: KSHSAA

NFHS Baseball Rule 6-2-6 now states, “Each NFHS member state association will be required to develop its own pitching restriction policy based on the number of pitches thrown during a game to afford pitchers a required rest period between pitching appearances.”

76-105 pitches = 4 days of required rest
61-75 pitches = 3 days of required rest
46-60 pitches = 2 days of required rest
31-45 pitches = 1 days of required rest
1-30 pitches = 0 days of required rest

More Information:
The above pitch count chart applies to all levels of competition.
Required rest means calendar days. Throwing 105 pitches on Monday means the required rest period will be Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. The first available day to return to competitive pitching is Saturday.

All pitch count guidelines apply to an individual pitcher on a daily basis. For example, a pitcher could pitch in both games of a double header, not to exceed 105 pitches. The total number of pitches the pitcher throws that day will determine the pitcher’s days of rest that must follow the double header.

A player’s pitch count and required days of rest apply to games at any and all levels of play.

Example: Player A throws 62 pitches in a junior varsity game. Player A must rest 3 days before pitching in a JV, Varsity or other sublevel game.
Number of pitches are competitive pitches only. Warmup or bullpen pitches do not count.

*A pitcher will be allowed to finish a batter if they reach the max of 105 in the middle of the at bat.
If the pitcher is ambidextrous, the pitch count guidelines apply to the individual pitcher, not to the individual arm.

Penalty: Violation of the maximum pitch count (105)* in one day or the required days of rest that accompanies the respective pitch count will result in immediate ineligibility of the violating player. The player is not eligible to participate in a contest until reinstated by the KSHSAA. The coach may complete the day of competition however must be reinstated by the KSHSAA before returning to coach at a subsequent date. The game in which the violation occurs will result in forfeiture.

All violations must immediately be reported to the KSHSAA.

Recording of Pitch Counts
Game day: NFHS Baseball Rule 9-2-2 denotes that…”The scorebook of the home team shall be the official scorebook, unless the umpire-in-chief rule otherwise…”

The official scorer(s) will keep track of pitch counts for both teams at all levels of competition.

The KSHSAA will provide an official pitch count tracking sheet to each school for use.

Each head coach will sign the sheet after each game. This will insure each coach/school understands the required rest of their pitchers. The host school will archive each sheet.

The official scorer should record all pitches thrown to the batter; ball, strike, foul, legal or illegal.

When a pitcher approaches one of the benchmarks (30, 45, 60, 75 & 105 pitches) of the pitch count rule, the official scorer will inform the respective coach of that pitcher.

Coaches will be required to input data into KSHSAA website within 24 hours of completed competition. This data will only be visible to baseball schools.

Pitch count or scorebook applications (example: Gamechanger) may be used to keep track of pitches. The pitch count sheet must still be signed by coaches and official scorer and retained on file by the home team.

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