Warning signs on staying warm during cold temperatures


TOPEKA, Kan. (KSNT) — With cold temperatures here, doctors are making sure you’re staying safe in the cold weather. Some people, like construction workers and many other occupations that require you to work outside are at a higher risk of cold weather related injuries. Doctors say it’s important they’re careful about covering their skin. Frostbite is a one cold related injury that happens when your skin gets under 28 degrees. You’ll know you have it when the top layer of your skin is hard to touch or you have a numb, tingling or burning sensation.

One Topekan who rides the bus often says staying warm is a must in order to get to your destination.

“In the morning time it gets a little chilly, but when the wind starts blowing it really gets a little intense. So it’s good to have a hat on, some gloves and stuff like that.”

“You’ll need to be sure that the organ problems like the finger tips, the toes, the penis if you’re a male have to be layered so that you’re not going to get in any trouble,” Doug Iliff, Medical Doctor in Topeka said. “If you’re out for a longer time, of course, you’re going to have to be warmer.”

Other injuries to worry about are chilblains. They are blisters that can form on your skin and last for several days and take about 2 weeks to heal. Trench foot is another painful injury caused by exposure to prolonged cold and wet conditions. Also, hypothermia happens once your body temperature gets below 95 degrees. If untreated, this can shut down your heart and lungs.


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