A curfew to curb crime? That could happen in a Shawnee County neighborhood

TOPEKA, Kan. (KSNT) – People living in Montara neighborhood south of Topeka could have a curfew, but it won’t be happening any time soon. Several people in the neighborhood have been voicing their concerns to Shawnee County Commissioners.

They say crime in general – such as theft and vandalism is on the rise. However, others are not in favor of it. They say imposing a curfew would violate their constitutional rights. The Shawnee County Sheriff says he would be in favor of the proposal — as long as it is constitutional.

“One of the things that a deputy has when they are driving down the neighborhoods and sees someone, they have constitutional rights to walk up and down the streets those type of things so were pushed to that but at the same time we are looking at what type of suspicious characters or activities that they are committing or involved in,” Shawnee County Sheriff Herman Jones said.

Commissioners say they have to do more research before they can discuss setting any curfews. They’ll be reviewing the legal side of it. They did not give a time frame of when it’ll be set or if it will be set.

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