Mr. Kansas to pursue other things along with Bodybuilding

TOPEKA (KSNT) – We first met Qadir Green in October, shortly after he won Mr. Kansas, but since then many things have changed.

“My pro debut was on November 12th and it was in the KC Expocentre,” said Green, a 22-year old Topeka man. “Overall, I got 6th place in the world, so it was a great honor to get that placing.”

Green now has multiple events lined up for 2017, however he might pursue some other projects during his breaks, including one that was planted into his head mere seconds before the interview, and that was to be a motivational speaker.

“I’m definitely thinking about that now,” Green said. “It’s heavy on my mind. I want to go to schools and talks to kids. It seems like I draw a large audience from kinds that come through the gym.”

Just through his interview, it was easy to see how Green could succeed as a motivational speaker, but the main message he would give to people, is to never give up on what you want to do.

“People will spend all their time trying to bring you down because they have no goals themselves,” Green said. “If you do not listen to that message, or if you do and turn it into a positive, it means that you are motivated from that negativity that’s being brought towards you and you use that as a motivator to push yourselves harder to prove them wrong, then you’re accomplishing your goals.”

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