Neighbors in shock after criminal uses their cars to flee police

GEARY COUNTY, Kan. (KSNT) – Chaos broke out in Geary County after an intense manhunt for two people linked to multiple crimes in Mississippi, Tennessee, Missouri and now Kansas. It started after a Geary County deputy pulled over a red Dodge Charger for not having a registered license.  But that driver quickly got away and sped down I-70 for about 5 miles. In the car was driver, Joshua Garcia and the passenger Jamison Townsend. Geary County Sheriff says they got off the highway, went down a dead end road and crashed the car. Then Garcia was on the run.

“Left the female passenger in the vehicle, which we grabbed up right quick,” Geary County Sheriff, Tony Wolf said. “Then the deputies set up a perimeter in the area.”

Then a neighbor, Teresa Hannagan, told KSNT News Garcia was still on the run and ended up at her house. Hannagan said she left her keys in the ignition of her truck– something she’s never thought twice about living in a rural area. Hannagan said police told her Garcia took her truck and crashed it down the road.

“He cornered too fast or something took effect and put it in a ditch,” Hannagan said. “I’m under the impression that at least a tire is blown.”

Hannagan said her truck is impounded and she isn’t sure when she’ll be getting it back. Officers were on the move looking for Garcia again who was on the run to another car which was Hannagan’s neighbor Jayne Link.

“And when they came past here, they discovered he was in the backseat of our car,” Link said.

Deputies took Garcia into custody early this morning. He and his partner in crime, Townsend are at the Geary County Detention Center for further investigation.

Townsend and Garcia were charged with three counts of capital murder each for the deaths of three men at a pawnshop in Jackson, Mississippi. In all the Geary County Sheriff says the two could be looking at charges in four states.







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