Another gloomy end to a December week, severe storms on Christmas

What we’re tracking:

  • Patchy areas of fog overnight
  • Pleasant weather for Christmas Eve/Start of Hanukkah
  • Stormy conditions on Christmas Day

Mainly clear skies and light winds will remain in place for tonight, as overnight lows bottom out in the upper 20s. We could see some areas of patchy fog during the overnight hours into the early morning hours. With that low lying moisture and temperatures below freezing, some black ice could develop, as well.

However, that chance will be short lived as tomorrow will be filled with plenty of sunshine and mild temperatures. Temperatures will max out in the upper 40s to lower 50s across the region for Saturday. The cloud cover will begin to increase late Saturday night, with increasing chances of scattered showers and storms during the overnight hours through the start of Christmas.

In fact, it might be a record-setting forecast with the chance for severe storms on Sunday. The entire state of Kansas has never had any reports of severe weather (hail, wind, or tornadoes) on Christmas Day…ever! That could possibly change this year. Scattered showers and storms are looking more and more likely for early Christmas morning. Latest model guidance is suggesting an intense line of thunderstorms developing out in central Kansas, before crossing into our western counties by late morning, and quickly racing to the east during the early afternoon hours. While there is the low threat for some small hail and an even lower chance for an isolated, weak brief tornado, the main threat will be damaging winds. That line of thunderstorms could maintain strong straight-line winds along it, with possible gusts ranging from 40 to 50 mph.

However, as we turn our attention to Christmas evening, conditions will start to quiet down and we’ll dry out, and clear out before the end of the holiday.

Happy holidays, everyone!

-KSNT Storm Track Meteorologist Christina Reis

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