Pennsylvania police looking for vandals who carved ‘KKK’ and ‘Trump’ into vehicles

MECHANICSBURG, Pa. (WHTM) – Mechanicsburg Police are still looking for the people who carved “KKK” and “Trump” into two cars along the 200 block of West Simpson Street.

Cruz Manett and his friend normally feel safe in their neighborhood.

“It’s just kind of shock that it happened so close to home,” Manett said.

Investigators say it happened sometime between Tuesday evening and Wednesday morning.


“The fact that two people had their cars vandalized, it’s just kind of ridiculous. It seems childish,” Manett said. “You’re insulting somebody on something they can’t prevent or do anything about.

Mechanicsburg Police believe the vandalism could be racially motivated since the victims are of Middle Eastern and Hispanic decent. They haven’t named any suspects.

“It surprised me a lot because down in Mechanicsburg, there’s not many racial things that happen. There has been times where something has been destructed, but never been carved or that much like that,” said Nate Reed, who lives in the area.

“It’s a good town. It’s just some of the people that are doing this. They’re immature and just don’t know or just a random act of unkindness or just some people lashing out,” said Christopher J. Lewis, who lives on the block where it happened.

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