Mail carrier tries to save packages from being stolen

TOPEKA, Kan. (KSNT) – Heroes work all different kinds of jobs, but a mail carrier isn’t one you wouldn’t expect to be a hero. One Topeka mail carrier’s reactions were something that saved a man from losing all of his packages.

David Cole says he was at work all day Thursday and was expecting three packages to be delivered.

“I have had millions of packages delivered here with no problems,” David Cole, whose packages were stolen said.

Then, he came home to a unwelcoming surprise, a note in his door, and not a single box.

“I got a note saying that someone had stolen the packages,” Cole said.
This note gave a Topeka Police Department case number regarding the stolen packages — after he called police, he learned the details of what happened.
And how the postal worker who delivers mail on this route daily tried stopping the Grinch.

“The post office saw him and followed behind him and run up and grabbed the stuff, he dropped one of the packages which the post office picked up and delivered to me this morning,” Cole said.

Cole says the postal worker followed the man in the mail truck and got the thief’s license plate number as he drove off.
“I’d like to thank the post office and the Topeka Police Department,” Cole said. “I do want to thank him at least he saw him and got one of the packages.”

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