City council considers pigs as pets

A petition asks Topeka City Council to reconsider miniature pig ban.

TOPEKA, Kan. (KSNT) – Imagine a place where you could have pigs as pets. That thought was the topic of discussion at the city council meeting in Topeka Tuesday night.

City Council members are thinking of changing an ordinance after code compliance asked a woman in Topeka to get rid of her pig in the city’s limits. According to one of the city’s ordinances, you’re not allowed to have a pig as a pet in the city’s limits. However, another ordinance made years later says you are allowed to have hoof stock — which are members of the horse family — which pigs fall under. But, councilman, Brendan Jensen from District 6 says pigs are classified as both hoof stock and swine, making this confusion something City Council members have to work through.

“As we started doing the research and looking further into it, we realized that there’s lots of other communities in Kansas that allow people to have potbelly pigs,” Jensen said. “And most of them are the size of medium sized dogs.”

Christina Wolf reached out to Jensen after code compliance told her, her potbelly pig, Hamlet wasn’t allowed anywhere in Topeka back in August. During the City Council meeting she talked to members about why she should be able to bring her pig back home. Currently she is forced to visit Hamlet on a farm in Lyndon.

“My miniature pig is quite honestly, a lot easier to care for than my dog,” Wolf said. “He’s cleaner, he listens better and he’s a lot smarter.”

Wolf might be in luck. Councilman Jensen proposed people should be able to have miniature pigs, like Hamlet. Just as long as the pig doesn’t weigh more than 150 pounds and isn’t taller than 2 feet. City Council won’t be making their final decision until January 10, 2017 during their meeting.

KSNT News will continue to follow this story.

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