Another mumps case confirmed at KU

LAWRENCE, Kan. (KSNT) – Lawrence health officials say there is now a second confirmed case of the mumps at the University of Kansas and there could be more students affected.

The Lawrence Douglas County Health Department told KSNT News that two people have been confirmed to have cases of the mumps. They are investigating 6 more possible cases of the mumps.

“At this point in the outbreak we really want to continue with the prevention but no sometimes you just don’t know where it originated,” Mary Beverly, Director of Epidemiology

Beverly says it started in the beginning of December. She says some of the KU students who caught the mumps were living in group housing and others were not.

“That’s unfortunate I hope they don’t get too sick,” Natalie Myers, who was on campus at KU said.

This outbreak is surprising for people who go to KU’s campus.

“I didn’t know people were catching it frequently it’s sad that there has been an outbreak.

A vaccine would help prevent anyone who receives the shot and there are other ways to stop the spread….

“Cover your cough don’t share any drinks or utensils, toothbrushes, don’t share any kisses things like that,” Beverly said.

Officials from the health department told KSNT that if you do come down with a case of the mumps you should try isolating yourself so that was there you avoid spreading the virus.

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