How the snow removal process works

TOPEKA, Kan. (KSNT) — Some cities remove snow from the streets differently than others. Transportation Operations Superintendent in Topeka, Ron Raines said that’s because on a day where there’s only a little snow, there is no need for plow trucks.

“With this event, with the snow accumulations that were forecasted, our plan called for a chemical treatment program,” Raines said

That program involves road salt which didn’t involve a plow truck.

“I can treat roadways at about 30 miles an hour…plowing occurs at 4 miles an hour,” Raines said. “With 1,600 lane miles of streets here in town, it becomes a matter of resources.”

Jeff Davis, Manhattan’s Public Works Superintendent says his crews are always plowing streets when it’s snowing to make sure drivers are safe. And after plowing the streets came a chemical treatment to melt any ice and snow.

“We typically clean all the city streets,” Davis said. “We start out at primary streets…we have a list of primaries…Once those are finished up we head to all the residential routes.”

Davis said crews start plowing snow even if there’s only a quarter of an inch of snow which works best for drivers in that area.

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