Florida mom shot to death by neighbor while searching for lost dog with daughter

(WFLA/NBC News) A Florida mother is dead after she was shot by a neighbor while searching for a lost family pet.

Rebecca Rawson and her daughter went to retrieve the dog from a neighbor’s home Tuesday night.

According to Manatee County deputies, Rawson’s daughter went to the door, knocked, and called the dog’s name. The dog came to the door, and one of the family members picked up the dog.

That’s when investigators claim Eugene Matthews, 83, opened the front door and started shooting.

One of the bullets pierced the windshield of Rawson’s car, striking her in the face.

“It’s a little scary,” said neighbor Louis Barnes. “I really don’t know what to quite think of that all.”

A mannequin dressed in military gear and goggles watches over Matthews’ home. Three machine guns are also on a tower with the mannequin. A sign on a driveway fence warns people they’ll be shot and 911 won’t be called if they enter the property.

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