Emporia prepares for ice storm

EMPORIA, Kan. (KSNT) — Emporia State University postponed move-in day and road crews prepare for the ice storm.

The move-in for Emporia State University was scheduled for January 15, 2017 at noon. Residential life has been talking with emergency management about students moving in and saw the storm would be at its worst during move in time. Now students can start moving in on January 16, 2017 at noon. It’s actually the first time the school has had to do this in recent years. The director of residential life at ESU said they’re preparing for possible power outages and telling students what options they have to get back to school.

“Right now we’re just connecting them to resources so that they can make informed decisions about when they travel,” Cass Coughlin, Director of Residential Life said. “So we’re sending them updates in terms of with the information we’re getting and encouraging them to consult their local weather and make decisions that get them here safe for the spring semester. ”

The school has sent emails to students as well as updated their social media accounts and website to let students know about the delay.

And to make sure students and other people in Emporia are safe on the roads, crews are getting their roads trucks geared up for the storm.

Crews are using a mixture with haydite for traction on the roads and salt to melt the ice. Roads crews have been out double checking their equipment and found out they were missing a few pieces of equipment for their road trucks. They’re missing parts to spread the salt mixture on the roads and they’re expected to have those sent over-night for tomorrow. However they are doing good with the amount of salt and trucks needed on the roads.

Some may have heard about using liquid treatment or calcium chloride to treat the roads, but the city’s Public Works Director, Frank Abart says the city doesn’t even have enough money for that product.

“That’s very effective chemicals, however there’s a price tag associated with that that the city of Emporia has decided we don’t get enough of these kind of events to justify that cost,” Abart said. “So we use material applications.”

Abart says it’s not as effective, but it’s the best the city has. There won’t be treatment for local or side roads due to a lack of supply. So only expect busy areas, highways and bridges to be cleaned if you live in the area.

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