National Guard preparing for upcoming ice storm

TOPEKA, Kan. (KSNT) – With the worst of the weather yet to come the National Guard has been put on standby. Friday, they were gathering food and water in case they need to bring it for people.

About 200 Air National Guard and National Guard members are going to be helping out people out if they are called upon. If they are called upon — they’ll be helping out by bringing emergency workers where they need to go. They’ll also be helping stranded motorists.

“If we find one when we are on mission, we will stop and render any assistance we possibly can, if we can’t we will drop off water so they can stay hydrated,” Sgt. Aron Coleman, NCO Kansas National Guard said. “We will take a note of where they are at and take a point of contact and a point of contact information to include phone name and description of vehicle.”

The National Guard is urging everyone to stay off the roads, that way there they can prevent anything from happening.

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