Parts of Kansas deal with ice

GARNETT, Kan. (KSNT) —  The ice storm left its mark in a few towns as it made its way through Northeast Kansas on January 15, 2017. In Carbondale, cars were covered in ice. And without ice scrappers, it made things difficult for drivers who tried to get around town. But, Carbondale wasn’t the only place to get hit by this ice storm. Down south in Anderson County, places like Garnett were one of the few cities to see ice covering neighborhoods. But for neighbor, Laura Castleberry this was nothing compared to where she came from making this minor to what northern states get.

“Ha ha, I went through worse in Michigan…I think it’s just …mild very mild,” Castleberry said.

Castleberry was one of the few people out in town that day. After the ice came through, Garnett turned into a ghost town, leaving only the sound of ice melting and birds chirping in town.

“I thought they were over exaggerating, I really did,” Driver, Philicia Feenstra said. “But, now I’m like, oh my goodness. We slipped out of our driveway leaving and here we are slipping and sliding on the concrete.”

Feenstra and her friend, Martha Smith say they were driving through Kansas on their way home and woke up to a lot of ice.

“Right now in Las Vegas, at this time in the morning, it’s probably 50 degrees and no water, no ice, no nothing,” Smith said.

Feenstra and smith say they’re ready to get back home where winters feel more like fall to Kansans. The ice storm is expected to turn into rain on Monday as temperatures rise to about 50 degrees.


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