Semi loses control and almost hits Kansas Highway Patrolman

RUSSELL COUNTY, Kan. (KSNW) – Take a look at this dramatic video from a Kansas Highway Patrolman Sunday near Russell.

“Trooper Poland… saw that truck going a little too fast for the conditions, he (semi driver) loses control and goes into the median and turns back and ends up jack knifing,” says Trooper Tod Heilman with the Kansas Highway Patrol. “Too fast for conditions… when the roads get icy, slick, people still try to drive that speed.”

Trooper William Poland was traveling east on I-70 in Russell County as a semi-truck, driving too fast for the icy conditions, lost control.  Poland was able to pull over to the side of the road and wasn’t injured.

“Ice may have built up in a certain area and KDOT doesn’t know about it yet,” says Heilman. “And that’s where we see the problems with people who start hitting that patch of ice and we will see several cars in the ditch, maybe a crash or even worse if they are traveling way too fast, we have to do a death notification.”

Two Kansas Highway Patrol cars were also hit in the Kansas City metro area on I-635 just off the downtown loop. Officers remind you to take is slow, because you just never know.

Fortunately in the Trooper Poland video, nobody was hurt.


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