Michigan couple charged in gruesome murder

TRAVERSE CITY, Mich.(WPBN) – A Michigan husband and wife have been charged with the torture and murder of the wife’s father, 54-year-old Michael Brandt.

Deputies say Brandt was found dead with multiple stab wounds at his house in Springfield Township.

Brian Degroot was arraigned Tuesday on charges of open murder and torture. Jessica Degroot was also arraigned on charges of open murder and illegal use of a financial transaction device.

“The defendant slashed the victim multiple times with a knife, then forced the victim to get undressed, paraded him around the property at knife point, cut the victim’s neck and forced him to lie down in an area that was prepared by the defendant’s wife for further torture,” Kalkaska County Prosecutor Mike Perreault said in court. “The defendant then attacked the helpless victim with an ax and literally took the time to pour salt in the victim’s wounds. The defendant’s wife began taking action to cover up the crime and the defendant loaded his wife’s crossbow and fired a broad head into the still living, suffering victim. The pair then allowed the victim to slowly drown in his own blood and bleed out. “

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