Toothache turns deadly

(KCRA) Nataliya Kondratyuk is still in shock after watching her husband of four years, Vadim Kondratyuk, quickly slip away days after being treated for a tooth infection.

“It’s going to be hard with both my kids without a husband,” Kondratyuk said. “Half of me is just taken away.”

Vadim Kondratyuk was a truck driver who left for a standard delivery route to Rochester, New York, on January 17.

His tooth hurt, so he stopped at a dentist in Oklahoma City, where he was treated for a tooth infection and prescribed antibiotics.

When he made his delivery in New York, he called his brother because the pain was too much to make the long drive home alone.

Days later, the pain was even worse. Vadim Kondratyuk’s brother took him to a hospital in Park City, Utah, where doctors said the tooth infection had spread to his blood and lungs.

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