Washburn University kicks off its Founders Day with first step show


TOPEKA, Kan. (KSNT) — As part of Washburn University’s 152nd Founders Day on February 6th, the University had a bunch of events that everyone was invited to. The celebration started with the university’s first step show.

Nine minority Greek organizations from different universities in the country were at the campus’ first step show. Washburn University has been struggling with the amount of programs and organizations for minorities on campus — which causes many of them to go to other universities. Washburn only has one African American sorority and that’s Alpha Kappa Alpha Inc. One of the members said Washburn is trying to make changes to keep minorities on campus.

“I believe it’s going to help with the retention rate as well as the recruitment here at Washburn,” Washburn student, Verlisa Cradle said. “It also has the opportunity to showcase all that Washburn offers. It gives us a chance to unite the community with Washburn which Washburn thrives for…we’re a traditional school.”

Students asked for a step show to showcase why historically Black and Hispanic organizations are valuable to college campuses. Students hope university officials will see the school needs more diverse Greek outlets and programs for students and to raise awareness.

The percentage of minorities for incoming freshman is more than 30 percent. However, that percentage always drops after students’ first year — leaving the university with only about 15 percent of minorities.



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