Wichita teacher masters 100 unique handshakes

WICHITA, Kan. (KSNW) – It’s not your typical welcome to class, but it sure is entertaining.

Jerusha Willenborg is a teacher at Mueller Elementary School in Wichita, and she’s the master of handshakes. In fact, she’d has one for each of her students.

Willenborg says it all started last year when she told her kids if they wanted to leave, they had to giver her a high-five or knuckles. Now, she’s turned it into a part of class everyone enjoys.

“It builds that relationship,” said Willenborg. “It’s just between me and them and it’s special, so they make it up and then other kids want one. If they need help, I make it up, but I say you teach me, and I will learn it. ”

“My teacher is a great role model for people,” said Chris, one of Wiilenborg’s students.

So far, the teacher has about 100 unique handshakes. She says she remembers them by her students’ faces.

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