Super Bowl brings in super amount of customers

(Stu Spivack/Flickr Commons/CC BY-SA 2.0)

TOPEKA, Kan. (KSNT) – Super Bowl Sunday – it’s a big day for both football fans and businesses. We wanted to find out how fans and businesses are celebrating the big game.

Some football fans came out to a restaurant like Skinny’s Sports Bar and Grill to watch the big game – while others stayed at home.

“My husband I are gonna have some brisket some spareribs – he is I don’t eat pork – and we are gonna have some salad and we are gonna eat and enjoy the game together,” Brenda Walker, a football fan said.

While Brenda Walker and her husband are staying home – many of the fans are going out to eat at places like Skinny’s. Even the owner – Mark Schownlaw – says he expects more customers than the average Sunday night.

“It’s better than an average Sunday,” Mark Schownlaw, Skinny’s Sports Bar and Grill owner said. “It brings in more money from us from 4 or 5 o clock in the evening until later versus an average Sunday with the chiefs – open until 5 o’clock so the evening business is better.”

This means that more people will order up their food – especially wings.

“We will sell a lot of to go orders on wings our goal every year is about 100 dozen I think we are about half way there already,” Schownlaw said.

The fans cheer on their teams no matter where they are – on the couch or in a restaurant.

“Atlanta Falcons fan go falcons!” Walker said.

Even if their team didn’t make the Super Bowl.

“I got season tickets to the chiefs, so chiefs,” Schownlaw said. “Super Bowl is on my bucket list but it’s gotta be the chiefs before I go.”

Skinny’s Sports Bar and Grill here in Topeka wasn’t the only business that is seeing a few more customers – local liquor stores told me that they are seeing increase in their sales as well.

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