Hate-filled posters found at Emporia State University

TOPEKA, Kan. (KSNT) – Emporia State University students and employees are not happy after someone put up hate posters around campus. KSNT News wanted to find out how they were reacting to the unwelcoming surprise.

Emporia State University at Cremer hall and as we move over here you can see the business building and there were a few islamophobic posters that were put in there according to school officials.

We were told the posters contained language offensive to anyone of the Islamic faith. Three posters were noticed Friday night — on a bulletin board like this one here in Cremer Hall and also on professor’s doors. School officials say the posters were only in that building. And it did not sit well with students.

“For me I definitely don’t agree with it, I don’t think anyone should be judged off of their race and so I think something should be done about it,” Dylan Bible, a sophomore in business administration said.

And even surprised that happen on campus.

“It’s very surprising I don’t know to me we have never had any issues like that at ESU and so I definitely wouldn’t have expected this to happen,” Bible said.

The hate filled posters also caught the faculty off guard as well – it’s something the administration says they have never seen before.

“We have put so much effort into our diversity equity and inclusion activities and plans its part of our strategic plan now just to have something like this happen is a slap in the face,” Gwen Larson, a spokesperson for Emporia State University.

Emporia State University spokeswoman said whoever put the posters up will be held responsible.

“These messages don’t belong in our community,” Larson said.

School officials told KSNT News that the posters were taken down and brought to the campus police department.

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