High school quarterbacks’ journey to the MIAA

TOPEKA (KSNT) – For the last two years, Centennial league quarterback’s Ian Trapp and Dalton Cowan have competed against each other. With their high school careers now completed, it’s time to move on to college where the former Manhattan and Seaman star QB’s will be competing against each other once again, but this time in the MIAA.

“I don’t think there’s anybody at least in the state that has a better arm than he has,” said Manhattan senior and future Washburn quarterback Ian Trapp.

“He sets up blocks better than anyone I’ve seen that we played against last year, running back or quarterback,” said Seaman senior and future Emporia State quarterback Dalton Cowan.

Trapp led the Indians to an undefeated regular-season and a Centennial League title last year. Washburn head coach Craig Schurig sees the potential of a true duel-threat quarterback down the road for the Ichabods, which is something he hasn’t had during his 15-year career.

“He’s just a really good football player,” said Schurig. “I thought in the league he was one of the better football players I saw all recruiting season.”

“I’m going to make my plays that I need to make, but I’m also not going to frazzled or something in a big situation,” said Trapp. “I’m going to fight for everything that I can have.”

“He has the “it” factor,” said Schurig. “He’s very intelligent, very athletic, and a winner.”

Much of the same can be said about Cowan. His breakout senior season under first-year Vikings head coach Glenn O’Neil has his new head coach at Emporia State, Garin Higgins, looking toward the future.

“I’ve been able to kind of watch him grow as a player from his junior year to senior year and how much better he’s gotten from summer to summer and that tells me that he has a great work ethic,” said Higgins.

“I always go out there expecting to win, and when I go to Emporia State my goal is to win a National Championship,” said Cowan. “I’m going to do whatever it takes to get that. I think under Coach Higgins I’ll just grow and grow.”

“Having good quarterback play is vitally important when it comes to winning football games,” said Higgins. “I think Dalton fits that.”

Manhattan won the last two meeting against Seaman when the two teams squared off in high school.

“I thought he had probably like 500 passing yards because it was just every single play Dalton was doing something crazy,” said Trapp. “It was really impressive, but at the same time it was frustrating (smiling).”

“It’s whoever can do more to help their team win,” said Cowan. “He got us the last two years. I think playing against each other helps us realize we each have similar goals.”

“The Centennial league hasn’t had a ton of guys go and play at the next level and be successful and I think that would just be awesome if we were able to represent the Centennial league,” said Cowan. “For me to represent Topeka, and him (Trapp) to represent Manhattan will be great.”

“Through college I’m scared to see because he could play in the NFL I swear,” said Trapp. “The things he’s able to do with his arm, it’s going to be 70 yard bombs for touchdowns every play if he gets the time.

Who knows what the Turpike Tussle will look like in a few years, but Indians and Vikings fans may be paying very close attention!

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