Locals react to Trump travel ban

LAWRENCE, Kan. (KSNT) – A United States Appeals Court did not change the suspension of a travel ban imposed by President Donald Trump. The ban was placed on seven countries that have a lot of people practicing Islam.

The travel when it was in place was something that concerned people who go to the Islamic Center of Lawrence. 7 countries were impacted when the ban was in place – Iran and Syria to name a few.

One man who went to the Islamic Center says he knew someone who was impacted by it. He says his friend’s wife was trapped in Libya for his sister’s wedding.

He says he doesn’t know if she is still stuck there despite the travel ban being suspended. The fact the ban happened has him hoping the supreme court says it’s a no go as well.

“I wish the Supreme Court judges will shut it down and shut the executive order down so that way there they give Trump a lesson I guess not to play with the constitution,” Lahsen Gakmouj said.

Trump responded to this fact the by saying that he will be suing – his goal is to get it re-instated.

Another man KSNT News talked to says it is not fair to base an entire religion based on the actions of a few.

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