Send your honey a unicorn this Valentine’s day, literally

TOPEKA, Kan. (KSNT)- Why get your sweetheart just a box of chocolates or flowers this Valentine’s Day, when you can get them all of that plus a unicorn.

A Topeka family is getting creative this Valentines Day by offering people in the Topeka area the chance to send a unicorn gram to their honey for the holiday. We here at KSNT News even got in on the fun and surprised our Chief Meteorologist Matt Miller with a unicorn gram ahead of Valentine’s Day. Make sure to watch the video in this story to see his reaction.

How it works is a person decides what kind of gift they would like the unicorn to bring when they show up. People have several options to choose from including a rose, lottery tickets, cupcakes, or even their own personal gift. Prices depend on what is chosen, but all are $50 or less. By contacting this number, 785-969-7163, you put your request in, and where you would like your Valentine to be delivered, and what time. Your honey will have the gift delivered in person by a young man dressed wearing a unicorn mask, a Valentine they will always remember.

This unique idea isn’t just for fun. Cameron Juencke, the young man under the unicorn mask is using the unicorn gram like a fundraiser. Cameron has a disconnect syndrome, known as Dyspraxia or Developmental Coordination Disorder. Which makes it hard for him to socialize because he cannot always figure out the social interactions of other people.  He does not write much, has a very hard time with spelling and math. He also has some fine and gross motor issues so sports are not something he can do. With the money raised from the unicorn gram, Cameron will be able to attend Camp Kodiak, a special needs camp in Canada this summer for a month.

To see the list of prices and options for gifts, click HERE.


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